Stanford EE Quals Resources

Because many of the existing webpages out there are from the old (pre-2015) quals format, I’ve open-sourced some of the study resources that my group and I used to prepare. Because it’s on GitHub, we would encourage future students to contribute to the repository as they study.

Furthermore, many of the posted solutions come from the HW/SW categories, while other websites typically are from students who focused on other areas.

You can find the GitHub repository here: Stanford EE Quals Resources

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My BDFL guiding principles

The thing about me being a BDFL for curl is that it has the D in there. I have the means and ability to push for or veto just about anything I like or don’t like in the project, should I decide to. In my public presentations about curl I emphasize that I t…

via May 27, 2024

How To Sell To Developers

One of the hardest challenges I know is how to sell to developers. This is NOT an article for developers. Today, I want to write for non-developers whose job it is to sell to developers. My goal is to help you understand how they think. …

via Matthias Endler May 27, 2024

Instead of "auth", we should say "permissions" and "login"

Most computer systems we interact with have an auth system of some kind. The problem is, that sentence is at best unclear and at worst nonsense. "Auth" can mean at least two things: authentication or authorization1. Which do we mean for an "auth system"? I…

via blog May 27, 2024

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